Which platforms does VOMO Integrate with?

Description of platforms that can be turned on in the VOMO Admin Dashboard

VOMO just launched three integrations this month to help make VOMO easier and more useful for your organization! You will notice a new menu item in the left hand side of the page called Integrations. Within this menu you will see information about Background Checks (Checkr integration), Planning Center (PCO People integration), and VOMO Giving (Giving Fuel integration).

Background Checks


Sterling Volunteers offers custom background check packages designed to fit the uni


This is where you Login or Create a Checkr account to be able to create background checks through the VOMO People page. This process allows you to register an account with Checkr and get it all setup in just a couple simple steps. After creating an account with Checkr, when you come back to VOMO you will have the background check packages that you setup with Checkr to choose to send to People in your People page via email.

2. Planning Center People Integration: This is where you connect your church's Planning Center account. You will login to your Planning Center account to make the connection. Once you do that and come back to the Planning Center page, you will see a button that says Check Import Status. From the Import Status page, you can select the Planning Center Lists that you want to sync with VOMO. You can even select a VOMO Group to send your Planning Center List to so that you can import people right into VOMO Groups. For example, if you have a Planning Center List with your First Impressions people, you can import them to a First Impressions Group in VOMO. It's super easy and useful.
3. VOMO Giving (powered by Giving Fuel): This is where you turn on VOMO Giving. Once you select to Turn on VOMO Giving, a representative from our time will receive an email with the name and contact info for your org so that we can start the process to turn on Giving. We will reach out to you to confirm your org's 501c3 status and get some billing information on file so we know where to process the donations. We will then turn on this Giving Page and help you with some of the Settings, like having donors cover the processing fee as part of their donation, selecting which donation levels you want to suggest ($10, $20, $50, $100, etc.), and showing you where to see the donation information. VOMO makes disbursements of the donations on a monthly basis (1st of the Month) as long as there is $25 in their donation account.