Where do I find the information volunteers submitted on a Form or Waiver?

Learn where the volunteer responses to your Forms are stored in various places in the Administration Dashboard.

Location of form responses:

Forms Dashboard

  1. Navigate to your Admin Dashboard and open the "Forms" tool in the menu on the left.
  2. A list of your forms will appear in a list. Select the title of a form to view that form's dashboard.
  3. The dashboard for that form will appear:
    unnamed (1)
  4. This dashboard will show you stats regarding:
    1. Form responses from your volunteers
    2. Projects this form is attached to
    3. A demo feature so you can try the form before your volunteers use it on a project

Project Dashboard

  1. Navigate to a project dashboard.
  2. Scroll down below the "Volunteers" section to see the "Forms Summary" section.
  3. "Forms Summary" will show you the details regarding:
    1. The fields on your form
    2. Numbers for those fields
    3. The name, date, and responses from volunteers

Fields List

  1. Navigate to the "Forms" feature on your Administration Dashboard.
  2. In the drop-down menu will be an option that says "Fields", click that.
  3. A list of the Fields you added to previous Forms will appear
    unnamed (2)
  4. On this page you can:
    1. Edit any fields you have created
    2. Create a new field for use on future forms