Where can I find a list of guests my volunteer is bringing to a Project they joined?

Learn where on a Project's dashboard you can find the list of guest names and emails a volunteer added when they joined your Project.

Open the Project's Dashboard

First locate the Project's by clicking on "Projects" in your Admin Dashboard. Then, in the "Volunteers" section of the Project's dashboard, open the desired time slot the volunteer joined. Under the volunteer's name you will see a "guest" option with a ✏️ that allows you to edit the number of guests they are brining and a 👁️ for you to see the names and emails of those guests.

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 10.13.47 AM

At the moment you cannot edit the guest names or emails, only the volunteer can do that. Note that when a volunteer adds a guest to their time slot reservation, that guest will be added to your People page as an "Invited" volunteer and will receive an email from VOMO just like an active volunteer will.