What is VOMO Gives and how do I activate this feature?

Learn how to activate our donation feature to track giving straight from your Volunteer Hub.

We believe that volunteers giving their time and talents is a huge part of every charity, ministry, or cause, but we also know that financial giving plays a significant role in making sure that needs are met and our missions are furthered. That is why we decided to create VOMO Gives. It's free to use! We simply keep 4.99% of each transaction to simply cover our costs.

Give Button

By turning on Gives for your Organization, a donation button will be placed on your Volunteer Hub so that visitors can choose to give monetary donations (including recurring gifts) directly to your organization.

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Activate VOMO Gives

Do the following to activate VOMO Gives:

  1. In your Admin Dashboard, click on Integrations in the main navigation menu.
  2. Under Giving Tools click on VOMO Gives.

  3. Review the information provided and when you're ready click the green button that says "Start Taking Donations with VOMO Gives".

  4. A "Giving" tool will appear in the menu on the left. In that new section click on "Settings" at the top and submit the required information about your organization. Remember, you have to be an approved 501c3 or equivalent to qualify for VOMO Gives.

Giving Dashboard

In your Admin Dashboard (app.vomo.org/admin/giving) you will have a Giving Dashboard to keep track of who is giving to your organization.