What is the difference between a Project and a Campaign?

Projects are the opportunities that a volunteer can sign up for. Campaigns are groupings of projects.

VOMO Projects

Projects are the individual and recurring volunteer opportunities. A project has a date, description, photo, roles and times associated with it. Organizers and Admins have the ability to create projects on behalf of the organization. Each project has a unique URL when created.

VOMO Campaigns

Campaigns are groupings of projects. These are created by organizers to easily put your volunteer opportunities into collections that volunteers can easily explore. A campaign will simply have a name, a description, and a photo to best represent the types of projects found within. Campaigns also have a unique URL when created.

Projects can be added to multiple campaigns by the organizers.

For example, a volunteer project called Community Gardening happening every Saturday morning in Dallas, TX might be added to a campaign called "Outdoor Volunteering" and another one called "Dallas Gardening Opportunities"