What is the difference between Projects and Campaigns?

Projects are volunteer opportunities that individuals sign up for. Campaigns are groups of Projects created by Admins for different organizational and promotional purposes.


A Project is the individual and recurring volunteer opportunity that a volunteer signs up for. A Project has a date, description, photo, roles and times associated with it. Organizers and Admins have the ability to create Projects on behalf of the organization. Each Project has a unique URL when created.


Campaigns are groupings of projects. These are created by organizers to easily put your volunteer opportunities into collections that volunteers can easily explore. A campaign will simply have a name, a description, and a photo to best represent the types of projects found within. Campaigns also have a unique URL when created.

Projects can be added to multiple campaigns by the organizers.

Example: If a volunteer opportunity, a Project, called "Sample Serving Project" happens every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in McKinney, TX, it might be added to a Campaign called "Hunger" and another one called "2021 Holiday Helpers". These Campaigns are being used by the host organization to group different Projects together based on criteria like department, category, or upcoming initiatives.

How Projects And Campaigns Are Displayed On The Hub

Because Projects are the specific serving opportunities that volunteers sign up for, they will be displayed on Campaign pages and your Hub along with some of their details (next available time slot, registration status, location, age restriction, etc.). 

Campaigns, on the other hand, are just groups of Projects so they simply show up with their title and the number of active Projects grouped inside them.