What is my Invitation Code and Link that I can use to invite new volunteers?

Locate your Organization's Invitation Code and Invitation Link to help new volunteers create their volunteer profiles.

There are two additional methods to get volunteers connected when you launch your new VOMO account. Follow these steps to locate your Invitation Code and Invitation Link:

Invitation Code

This code makes it very easy for a new volunteer to quickly create their VOMO profile after downloading the VOMO App. After they download and open the app, they will be asked to login or "Join Organization". Clicking this second option will prompt them to type in your organization's Invitation Code. Give them your code so they can quickly create their volunteer profile right there on the app and then begin joining your Projects.


To locate and update your organization's Invitation Code, do the following:

  1. Login at vomo.org.
  2. Navigate to your Admin Dashboard.
  3. Click Settings in the menu on the left side of the page.
  4. Scroll down until you see Invitation Code. This is the code volunteers can use to create their profile straight from the VOMO App. After they download the VOMO App from their mobile device app store, they will press "Join Organization" and then enter the code (all caps and no spaces). From there the app will ask them to complete their volunteer profile (name, email, custom password, etc.).

Invitation Link

This code is also used for your org's custom invitation link so that you can create a hyperlink for your weekly email newsletter, on your website volunteer page, or anywhere else online. This will help you funnel your volunteers to your VOMO account so they can get connected and begin serving. Here is how to locate you link:

  1. Copy your Invitation Code you found following the steps above. (Example invitation code: SAMPLECODE)
  2. Paste it at the end of this website link: app.vomo.org/invite/org/
  3. Using the above example with the invitation code SAMPLECODE, the invitation link would be,
    app.vomo.org/invite/org/SAMPLECODE. When a volunteer clicks on this link, they will be taken to a page where they can create their volunteer profile. This link is very effective when hyperlinked on your website or in an email blast you send out to your volunteers. 

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