What is a Project Owner?

The Project Owner is the Admin or Organizer who creates and/or manages the VOMO Project

In the Advanced Settings of a Project (in the Admin Dashboard), has a place where you can designate the Project Owner of the Project you are creating or editing.  By default this will be the Admin or Organizer who creates the project, but it can be changed to any Admin or Organizer in your account. To assign this project to be managed by someone else, make sure to update this field with the correct VOMO user to own the project.

Project Owners will receive the notifications when volunteers join and leave, can manage and assign volunteers to the project, edit/verify hours after the project is over, and can edit or delete the project no matter which Role they have in the Admin Dashboard of your account.

TIP: Remember that Admins can manage, assign, edit/verify hours, etc. on all projects in the Admin Dashboard, so if  you are an Admin and designate one of your Organizers as the Project Owner, they will be able to manage, assign, edit/verify hours, etc. the project without you losing your ability to do the same. However, only the Project Owner will get the notifications when someone signs up or leaves the project.


Follow these simple steps to make an admin or organizer the project owner:

  1. Access your Admin Dashboard.
  2. Select Projects on the left navigation menu.
  3. Select Edit to the right of an existing project (OR New Project in the top right corner if the project does not exist yet).
  4. Under Details scroll to the very bottom and select Show Advanced Options (learn more about the entire list of options here).
  5. Under Project Owner select an admin or organizer from the dropdown menu.
  6. Update the Point Person info below if you want to match it with the new project owner.