What are VOMO Tags?

Learn what VOMO Tags are and how they can maximize your volunteering experience.

VOMO Tags are simple yet powerful tools for both volunteers and leaders of organizations. These search-enhancing tools boost the experience of the user on both ends of the serving relationship; serving as a volunteer or managing serving opportunities. Below is an overview of VOMO Tags for:


VOMO Tags are similar to the #hashtags you find on most social media platforms. They allow volunteers to add their interests, skills, talents, etc. in their personal profile settings so the most relevant Projects and Organizations can be matched with them. 

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Admins and Organizers

For an organization posting Projects, VOMO Tags provide the same ability for Admins and Organizers to highlight the relevant interests, skills, talents, etc. they are looking for in Volunteers that are serving in their Projects. This will help Volunteers to be more easily matched to your serving opportunities. Adding Tags to your Projects is super easy. Simply create or edit a Project and you will see the option in Details to start adding your own Tags. 


Matching Tags

Along with creating an intuitive Tag system, we went a step further to include a matching experience that will allow volunteers to quickly see if a Project's Tag matches one in their Profile when they visit the Project page. The matching ability of VOMO Tags provides Volunteers with a way to see which ones match theirs when joining a Project. Using a very simple color coding system, Volunteers will see Tags marked green that do not match theirs and blue for Tags that do. Hovering your cursor over a blue Tag will say whether it matches. A Project's Tags can be found in a section below the Causes.