What are VOMO Causes?

Learn what VOMO Causes are and how they can maximize your volunteering experience.

VOMO Causes are simple yet powerful tools for both volunteers and leaders of organizations. These search-enhancing tools boost the experience of the user on both ends of the serving relationship; serving as a volunteer or managing serving opportunities. Below are overviews of VOMO Causes for:



VOMO Causes are a predetermined list of categories, curated by the VOMO Team, that we believe are universal in the volunteering economy. This curated list provides a complete selection of broad serving categories that every organization can use to help increase the "search-ability" of their ProjectsCampaigns, and their Organization's profile. Whereas VOMO Tags are fully customizable, VOMO Causes are predetermined. Volunteers can add a minimum of three (3) Causes in their profile so that the best ProjectsCampaigns and Organizations can be matched with them.

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Admins and Organizers

Just like TagsVOMO Causes provides another powerful search tool for Admins and Organizers to boost the reach of their opportunities. As mentioned earlier, Causes are set list curated by the VOMO Team to provide a universal set of serving categories across the entire VOMO ecosystem. Causes can be added to the following places in your organization's VOMO account: