What are the limitations with VOMO Rewards?

Description of the limitations associated with VOMO Rewards

VOMO is passionate about finding ways to say “thank you” for making a difference in your community and around the world by participating in VOMO Projects. We’ve partnered with several organizations who share that passion and want to encourage you to keep going. VOMO Rewards is for churches, businesses, nonprofits and schools who are volunteering their time to serve.

Some rewards may be specific to your organization and what our partners have made available to earn. Below are the limitations to VOMO Rewards. (You'll see there aren't that many!)


1. Volunteers can redeem 1 VOMO Reward per month from their bank of hours in their Volunteer Resume.

2. "External Projects" added to a volunteer resume do NOT count towards VOMO Rewards.

3. One full hour is eligible for a reward. 15, 30, and 45 minutes will not count for a full hour served. (i.e. 9 hours and 30 minutes does not count as 10 volunteer hours)

4. Hours earned through schools and universities for class credit may not be valid towards rewards. Talk to your school or university administration for clarification.