What are the different Roles/user types in my Account?

We give you the ability to have several user permissions to make sure that you get the most out of your VOMO Account. Three (3) different user types ("Roles") are available for the Members of your Organization.

Volunteer: a “Volunteer” has access to your organization’s private projects so that they can join, attend, and check-in to track their volunteer hours. A “Volunteer” cannot create or edit any project, campaign, or account information.

Organizer: the “Organizer” has the same basic access as a “Volunteer” with additional ability to create and edit projects and to invite new “Volunteers” to be a part of your account. An “Organizer” cannot edit other Organizer's/Admin's projects, remove users, or change the settings of the Organization.

Admin: the “Admin” has all of the administrative privileges to create, edit and delete any campaign or projects that exist in the Dashboard. The Admin can also invite other Admins, Organizers and Volunteers, as well as change the role of any user at any time.


For specifics about the difference between Admins and Organizers, click here: https://support.vomo.org/what-is-the-difference-between-an-admin-and-an-organizer