What are the different Approval Types on a Project?

How to know if a volunteer is still confirmed, pending approval, assigned, or declined.

There are a couple of Volunteer Statuses on the Manage portion of the Admin Project Dashboard. This article will briefly explain them so that you can know more about the specific statuses of your volunteers.

  1. Volunteer Confirmed either means that they signed up to a project that did not require Approval, or they were assigned and Confirmed the assignment on their end that they would participate in the project.
  2. Volunteer Requested to Join is used when your project has the Approval Required button clicked (in the Advanced Settings of a Project). These volunteers need to be approved in order to participate.
  3. Assigned by Organizer is used when a Volunteer has been assigned by the Project Owner/Organizer. This Volunteer's spot on the Serving Date is reserved, but the Volunteer gets an email that gives them the option to decline (see below). If no action is taken, the Volunteer is assumed to be participating in the Serving Date
  4. Volunteer Declined signifies that a volunteer who was assigned to a Serving Date decided to decline the assignment and let the Project Owner know that he/she will not be able to serve on the project. A volunteer has the ability to leave a short feedback paragraph to the Project Owner as to why they will not be attending when they decline a serving date assignment.