VOMO Client API Documentation

Find out what data VOMO exposes so that you can pull/push data to and from VOMO to any external platform

The VOMO Client API is a REST-based and allows you to query and pull certain aspects of your data within VOMO. API access can be enabled for any VOMO client. Please talk with your Concierge to have this enabled.

The VOMO Client API exposes three major kinds of data categories for numerous use cases. They are:

  1. Campaigns
    1. List Campaigns, Get Campaign Details
  2. Projects
    1. List Projects, Get Project Details, Get Project Date Details (Serving Dates)
  3. Users
    1. List Users, Post (Create/Update) Users, Get User Details (Participation Data)

Using the above Categories of Data will allow you to embed campaigns/projects, create user accounts, and pull participation data easily from VOMO.


The link below is a website with built in documentation about the VOMO Client API. You can even run some test GETs to see what data is exposed through our API. Explore the above link yourself.



Authentication to the VOMO API is handled via a Bearer token in the Authorization header. Tokens can be created in the admin portal once API access is enabled for your account. The authorization header should look like the following once complete.

Authorization: Bearer eyJhbGci.....yu5CSpyHI

IETF Standard: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6750