What are User Submitted Projects?

Turn on the User Submitted Projects Feature and allow anyone to suggest needs your Volunteer Hub.

Activate "Suggest a Need"

With this feature we have dramatically changed the way that VOMO works! Traditionally we have had all projects created by Admins or Organizers, while Volunteers can just participate by signing up for a project. With User Submitted Projects, Volunteers can now submit needs that they would like to be published on their Organization's Hub. We are moving normal users from consumers of projects to producers of projects!

1. Turn on User Submitted Projects:

When this feature is on, you will see a Submit Needs button added to your Hub:

2. Encourage your people to Submit their Needs:

When a needs is submitted, the Admins of your Organization will get an email that looks like this:

3. Review Suggested Needs and Publish them as Projects:

4. Follow Up Communication

When a Need is published as a project, the person who submitted the Need will get and email that their need was reviewed and published. There will be a link to the VOMO Project Page in that email so that they can signup and share the project with their network.