What are the different User Statuses in my Account's Admin People Page?

The Status column in the Admin People Page lets you know whether a user is Active, Invited, or Inactive. See descriptions below:

Invited: When you invite a new user to VOMO (via their email address), they are given a status of Invited until they accept their invitation. While they are in the Invited Status they can be assigned to Project and be added to People Groups. Once they accept their invitation, their status changes to Active.

Active: an Active user in your VOMO Account is a Member who is fully active and ready to volunteer with your organization. Active Users can see your Private Projects since they are Members of your Organization, and can join/ be assigned to Projects and be added to People Groups.

Inactive: an Inactive user is a user who is no longer a Member of your Organization, but has a history with your Organization as a former Active user. Their Volunteer Resume is still available to be seen and all volunteer history is preserved for Inactive Users. You can re-invite an Inactive User (which will change their Status to Invited -see above).


NOTE: When you Remove a user on your Admin People Page you are deleting them from your organization. Be careful when you do this as volunteer history is deleted alongside that user account.