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Can I enable SSO (single-sign-on) with my VOMO Account?

Our integration with WorkOS creates seamless SAML integration to accomplish your SSO needs.

For VOMO Suite (Branded Experience) Accounts, we offer the ability to enable SAML SSO via a platform called WorkOS. As long as your SSO solution connects to WorkOS we can direct all of the VOMO Platform login experiences of your Branded Experience through WorkOS to authenticate the user before logging them into VOMO.We will also create the user as a member of your VOMO Org the first time they log in via SSO.

Here is an overview of the process of enabling SSO:

  1. Make sure that you have a branded subdomain (available with the Branded Experience in the VOMO Suite Package) so that we can know where to update your /login experience. (ex. yourorg.vomo.org), and purchase the SSO add-on for your Suite Package.
  2. Let your Partner Success Director know what you would like to do when a new user wants to create an account (for users who do not have a login already with your SSO provider).
    1. If you would like for users to be able to create a new account in your VOMO Account, you can always use one of our CRM Integrations or the VOMO Client API to write the new user back to your document of record.
  3. Your VOMO Admin Dashboard will be enabled with the WorkOS Integration so that you can access the WorkOS Admin Dashboard to enable a few settings to connect your SSO provider to our WorkOS integration so that the handshake is initiated.
  4. Once your Branded Experience is launched, we will do testing with active logins of your SSO provider to make sure that your users will be able to easily authenticate into VOMO with their existing credentials, and be written into your VOMO Account so that you have Volunteer Profiles for each of them.

Make sure that your SSO provider integrated with WorkOS by looking at the WorkOS Documentation.

Note that our CRM Integration with Church Community Builder (CCB) allows you to create a SSO experience with your CCB user accounts. If you have the Suite Package (or higher) and want to create a SSO experience with CCB, talk with you Partner Success Rep by emailing support@vomo.org.