What am I able to customize in the VOMO Branded Experience?

With the VOMO Branded experience you can add specific branded elements to the VOMO Volunteer Hub/Admin Dashboard, as well as the VOMO mobile app, so that you can create a volunteer experience with your own name and branding assets.

When you purchase a quote for a Branded Hub or App (or both) experience, we will start the process for you to submit your branding assets to be added to your custom VOMO experience. We allow you to customize the following:

  • Organization Name - The name of your organization on VOMO.
  • Desired URL Subdomain - The url where your branded experience will live.
    • ex. [yourorgname].vomo.org
    • If you want to host the experience on a custom domain, an additional setup fee will apply where applicable. However, you can link from anywhere to your custom subdomain.
  • Primary Color - The main color for things like menu bars, button colors, etc.
  • Secondary Color - The secondary color for links, hover over colors, etc.
  • Accent Color - In some places we use an Accent color to differentiate where the Primary and Secondary color are not appropriate.
  • Logo - The logo of your Organization that will also be the logo for your mobile App (if applicable).
    • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf
  • Other Files - If you wish to create your own Volunteer Hub banner, email banner, etc. you can send those to us. If you do not have the resources for this, our team will create these assets using your logo and colors.
    • Example Hub Banner (1920x1080 pixels):

    • Example Email Banner (1000x500 pixels):

  • Invite Email Language - You can create the custom invitation email copy that your users will receive this when they get invited to your account. If you do not have a preference, we have default language for you to use. (see screenshot for example)
  • Welcome Email Language - You can create the custom welcome email language that your users will receive  after their create their account. If you do not have a preference, we have default language for you to use. (see screenshot for example)
  • Email Footer Content - Each email has footer content for things like your org address, links to your website, phone numbers, etc. (see screenshot for example)
  • Hub Footer Content - Links to your organization's About Us, Contact Us, etc. web pages, as well as any other links you wish to include (link to mobile apps, etc.). List them line by line in the form.

You can see the form here where you will update your branding assets: https://vomo.org/branded-hub-assets/


NOTE: Our team cannot start creating your Branded experience until you submit the above assets for your new account. We are not responsible for creating your entire branding assets if you do not have them already for your organization.