Getting Started With the Be A Neighbor Campaign.

Here is a quick guide to set up your profile, access the admin dashboard, and create your first volunteer opportunity.


Step One: Access Your New Be A Neighbor Campaign Account

  1. You'll first want to check your email inbox for an invite to your account. Make sure to check your spam if you do not see it in your inbox. 
  2. Click the 'Accept Invite' link and create your user account.
  3. Follow these instructions to access your Administration Dashboard.

    Step Two: Create Projects for the Campaign:

    1. Create Project Page

      1. Create a new Project. Here is a quick guide

      2. Enter the project Name and Description

      3. Good descriptions are imperative for new volunteers! Be as detailed as possible.
      4. Tag your Project to relevant VOMO Categories (up to 3)

      5. In the Join Campaign section, tag your Project to the "Be A Neighbor" Campaign

      6. Set the Location by typing in your desired address, city and state. When you type in your location, Google Maps will provide options in the dropdown menu. You can also specify the location to be Virtual/Anywhere by checking that option. This option will remove the location altogether.
      7. Upload a great image. This is what will catch a prospective volunteer's eye.
    2. Project Advanced Options:

      1. You will find the Advanced Options by clicking on the green link below the image section that says 'Show Advanced Options'
      2. Enter a  Point Person's information for volunteers to follow-up with (ex. Sarah Smith, 214-973-5056,
      3. Populate Need to Know section with Next Steps (ex. 'Please stay at home if you are not feeling well.')
      4. Enter Website Links to relevant places for volunteers to continue their process to serve.
    3. Specific Dates or Anytime Needs:

      1. Scroll back up to the top and you will see a tab that says 'Needs'. This is where you will enter your volunteer and item needs as well as dates and times you need them.
      2. Choose whether the Project has a Specific Date or is Anytime.
      3. Specific Dates/Times are the best way to get volunteers involved. We highlight these closer to the top of the Be A Neighbor Campaign for volunteers in your area.
      4. Anytime Projects will have a button that says "I'm Interested". If a volunteer clicks that, you will get an email notification with their contact information. 

        Take a look at the introductory video below:

        If you want to see the full length detailed version of the video above, take a look here.