Can I check in my volunteers for my project on the VOMO App?

Learn how to check in all the participants of a project you are the owner of. Users with Admin access can check in all volunteers on any project in their organization's account.

Check In Volunteers from the Participants List

Follow these simple steps as the Project Owner (or as an Admin in your organization) to check in all of the volunteers in the Participants List of your project.

  1. Download the VOMO App from (iOS or Google Play)
  2. Sign in using your username and password (need help logging in?)
  3. Locate the project on your Volunteer Hub that you need to check volunteers in to:

  4. An hour before the project begins, a "check in/out volunteers" button will appear on the project page:

    IMG_3547  IMG_3553  
  5. Now that the volunteers are checked-in, you can check them out when the project ends. Follow the same process as checking them in. Time stamps will be stored in the project's dashboard in your Administration tools.