How do I copy a Project?

Copy an existing Project to save time

If you have an Active, Draft, or Past Project that you want to copy to create a new project, simply follow the next couple of steps:

  1. Go to the Project that you want to copy's Project Dashboard (simply click on the Project Name in your List of Projects)
  2. On the Edit Project button in the top right corner, you will see a small arrow that if clicked says "Make a Copy".
  3. A box will pop-up with some options for your new Project. Make sure to click the boxes of the data that you want transferred over to your new Project, including renaming the project from "Copy of Sample".
  4. Hit the Copy button after making sure the right boxes are checked, and you will have a Project drafted with all of the copied data sent over automatically.
  • Note: if the project is an Anytime Project or Date/Time Project, you can make a copy of it and change this setting by clicking one of the checkboxes to designate it as one or the other project date types. It will automatically be the same project date type as what the initial project was set to unless you check this specific box.