How do I activate the Planning Center integration?

By visiting the Integrations section of the Admin Dashboard, you can quickly turn on the Planning Center Integration and invite users to the VOMO platform.

  • Login to your admin Dashboard
  • Go to the Integrations navigation link on the left side of the screen and select the Planning Center option
  • You will login to your Planning Center account to make the connection.
  • Once you do that and come back to the Planning Center page, you will see a button that says Check Import Status. From the Import Status page, you can select the Planning Center Lists that you want to sync with VOMO.
  • Upon hitting "Save", the people in your selected lists will be invited to the VOMO platform as volunteers.
  • You can even select a VOMO Group to send your Planning Center List to so that you can import people right into VOMO Groups. For example, if you have a Planning Center List with your First Impressions people, you can import them to a First Impressions Group in VOMO.