Connect/Refresh and Disconnect your PCO account from VOMO

Here are a couple of quick ways to reset/refresh or disconnect your VOMO integration with Planning Center.

Option 1. How to reset or refresh your integration with Planning Center

After your initial Oath connection and setup with your PCO account through the VOMO Planning Center integration page, you might need to refresh your connection if you are not seeing the right lists coming through to VOMO. Be aware that any new lists you create in Planning Center take up to 1 hour to sync with VOMO.


If after 1 hour you do not see your Lists correctly, simply click this link to refresh your Planning Center integration status:


Option 2. How to disconnect your integration with Planning Center

If you would like to disconnect your PCO account from VOMO, simply visit the Planning Center API website to revoke the access token that you initially authorized in the initial VOMO PCO Oath process.


Visit this link to revoke your access token from Planning Center to VOMO:


It could be necessary to disconnect Planning Center from VOMO and connect it again for a fresh start. To do this, simply follow Step 2 from this article. Once you revoke your access token, you can go back through the initial setup process here:


As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to support or contact your Concierge at