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VOMO Login Magic Link

The VOMO Magic Login link can be used to generate a one-time use link to directly log in a specific user.

Note that if you plan to use this functionality that you will need to create functionality via the VOMO Client API that creates the user into your VOMO Account before being able to request an authentication token.

Creating A Link

To generate a Magic Link, send a POST request to the following endpoint:


In the body of the request, include the following:

  • email - The email address of the user to be logged in
  • ip_address - The IP address of the user who will be clicking the link. This IP is verified once the link is clicked
  • landing_page (optional) - Specifies which page the user will land on after being successfully logged in.  Options are limited to the following:

    • hub - takes user to the CHC org Hub (/organization/<CHC slug>)
    • resume - takes user to their volunteer resume (/user)
    • admin - takes user to the admin dashboard (/admin)
    admin_resume - takes the user to their admin resume (/admin/volunteers/<user_id>)

A full request might look something like this:

POST https://app.vomo.org/v1/users/one-time (note that staging environment is hosted at rey.vomo.org subdomain: https://rey.vomo.org/v1/users/one-time) {

         "email": "email@example.com",
"ip_address": "",
"landing_page": “hub”




  • A successful response will have the following format:

HTTP 201 {

         "code": 201,
"message": "Link Created",
"data": {

} }

  • A request with validation errors will have the following format:

HTTP 422 {

         "status": "error",
"message": "Error",
"errors": {
             "email": [
"The email field is required."

] }


  • A general error will have the following format:

HTTP 500 {

"status": "error",
"message": "Error",
"errors": "Unable to create link."


  • In the event you receive a general error message and you are not able to figure out why, please reach out and let us know.