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How do I connect my VOMO account to my website or app?

Learn how to link your VOMO Hub to your organization's website and app.

We suggest using three different methods for connecting VOMO to your website or app:

  • Hyperlinks (web)
  • Universal Link (app)
  1. Hyperlinks are an easy and efficient way to link your volunteers to where you want them to go on your website. Whether it's your Volunteer Hub, a campaign, or a specific project, the URL addresses for these pages on your VOMO account can be hyperlinked to a button or any text on your website. Consult your website administrator in your organization to hyperlink your VOMO pages from your website. Here are some examples for using this feature:
    • Copy and paste the URL address for your Volunteer Hub or Invitation Link as a hyperlink on a button on your website or in a monthly/weekly newsletter.
    • Send out social media posts that include a link to specific projects you are promoting.

  2. Universal Links are the best way to embed a link to your VOMO App through your organization's iOS and Android app (your "Church App" for example). If your organization has its own app, add your VOMO Universal Link to a button or text on your app and users will be directed to your Volunteer Hub on the VOMO App that is installed on their device. If they have not downloaded the VOMO app yet, the appropriate app store for their device will open so that they can download it and login.
    • Locate your Universal Link following this method:
      • https://app.vomo.org/orgmobile?orgSlug=CUSTOM-URL-ENDING
      • "CUSTOM-URL-ENDING" is located in your Org Settings in your Administration Dashboard.
    • Add your Universal Link into your app as a link or button so that people are redirected to your VOMO app on their device.


Note that if you are looking to explore one of the VOMO Embed tools, you can read more about our Campaign Map Embed here.