Where do I find my organization's calendar of Projects?

Every Organization on VOMO has a Hub, Profile, and Calendar to display ways that volunteers can easily get involved. Our Calendar feature displays your Project Serving Dates in an easily accessible interface.

Locate the Calendar

The Calendar is located on your Hub with its own landing page that can be easily linked to. The Calendar will display all active date and time Projects and Anytime Projects that have a specified end date. Links to the Calendar can be found on the Admin Dashboard and in the Hub.

From the Admin Dashboard (for Admins and Organizers)

On the Admin Dashboard homepage there is a link to the Calendar next to the Hub and Profile links. This will help Admin users access it directly from their Admin Dashboard.
Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 3.51.15 PM

From the Hub

You can also go directly to your Hub and click on Calendar.

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 3.53.32 PM

Navigating the Calendar

When you click on the link to go to the Calendar you will notice that there is a tab called Calendar in the top section next to Hub and About. The Calendar shows all Active Projects using a color coding system to see what Projects are open, closed, or full. Also, when a volunteer joins a Project, it will change colors to show them which ones they've joined and which and which ones they have not. The color coding is as follows:

  • GREY is a serving date that is in the past Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 11.29.29 AM
  • GREEN is an open serving date in the future Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 11.29.42 AM
  • BLUE is a serving date that you have already joined Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 11.30.23 AM
  • APRICOT is a serving date that is Full or Closed Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 11.31.20 AM

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 4.10.16 PM

When you click on a Calendar Event, the Preview Card has a link to the Project Page, as well as the similar data that is on Hub Preview Cards. Admins will also see a pencil icon to visit the Admin Project Dashboard where you can see sign-ups and edit the Project.

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 4.15.57 PM

Joining a Project

To join a Project from the Calendar, simply click on a serving date, then click the preview card (as shown above) to open up that Project's sign up page. From there you can join a serving date like normal. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 4.17.53 PM