How to enable the Qgiv Integration?

Connect your Qgiv account in the Admin Dashboard to start taking donations on your Volunteer Hub

Setting up the Qgiv Integration is really easy.

Step 1: Get your Qgiv Account

  • Clicking the I NEED A QGIV ACCOUNT button will let your VOMO Partner Success Representative know that you would like more info about the Qgiv Platform. We will connect you to someone on the Qgiv Team to get your questions answered.

Step 2: Connect your Qgiv Account

  • Clicking the CONNECT MY QGIV ACCOUNT will turn on the Integration so that you can update your Giving Settings with a Qgiv Widget Snippet and API Token so that your Qgiv Form is embedded on your VOMO Giving Page.

Step 3: Add your Qgiv Widget Snippet and Qgiv API Token in Giving Settings

  • Follow the two links below to get step by step instructions on what you need to copy from the Qgiv Dashboard:

That's it! When you are ready, visit the Admin Dashboard Qgiv Integrations Page to get started.