How to connect your Qgiv Giving Form to VOMO?

Create a Qgiv Widget to display your Qgiv form on your VOMO Giving Page

In order to connect your Qgiv Form to your VOMO Giving Page, you will need to visit Qgiv Settings to create a Widget that allows you to display your forms on other platforms/websites across the web. Please follow the steps below to create one if you have not already done one in the past.
  • Click on Settings in the Qgiv Side Menu Bar, and then Widgets once the Settings link expands.
  • Create a Widget by clicking Add New Widget

  • When creating the Widget choose the following inputs:
    1. Type: Form
    2. Select a Form: Choose the Qgiv Form that you would like connected into VOMO. This form will be what takes the donations on your new VOMO Giving Page.
    3. Page URL:[your-org-slug]/give
      • NOTE: Branded Experiences have a different url than (ex. https://[subdomainname][your-org-slug]/give
    4. Click SAVE

  • A text box with HTML code will display. This code is what you will copy and paste to add to your VOMO Giving Settings Page to make sure that this form displays on your VOMO Giving Page.