How do I verify my volunteers' hours if they forget to check-in for my project?

Verify volunteer hours inside the Project Dashboard with Administration access when a volunteer does not check-in.

When a volunteer forgets to check-in for your project, don't worry, we have a few provisions in place to help you out. Whether you require all hours to be verified or not, your volunteers' hours will be marked as "Unverified" on that project's dashboard until you verify them. Here's how that works:

Verify Project Hours

  1. Login at and open your Administration Dashboard
  2. Open that project's dashboard from the menu on the left (Projects > Active or Past)
  3. Select the appropriate time slot from the list of dates in the middle of the page and a sliding window will appear with a list of volunteers who signed up for that time slot. 
  4. Now you have a few options to choose from:
    1. Under "Check In" and "Check Out" you can specify the exact hour and minute they arrived and then left.
    2. You can also edit the "Total Hours" served if you don't want to specify the check in and check out times.
  5. Now that you have specified the specific hours served, you can change the "Pending Verification" option to the far right to "Verified".
  6. (OPTIONAL STEP) There's also a button at the top of the page to "Verify All" if you want to quickly verify everyone in this time slot at once. Next to that is an additional button to "Add Participant" if someone served but completely forgot to sign up for this time slot.

Verification of Hours Advanced Option

After you accomplish the above tasks, there is an Advanced Option for verifying hours you will want to take note of in your Org Settings.

At the bottom of your org settings, click "Show Advanced Options" and scroll down to "Project hours require verification?" This setting allows Admins in your account to specify the default setting for hours verification. The three options and explanations are as follows:

  1. "Off by default" - This option will leave the verification of hours option in project's advanced options for each project to "off." When a project owner creates a new project they can go to that project's advanced option in "Details" and activate this setting if they want to. Learn more about project's advanced options here. This is great for organizations that have a very flexible and/or complex volunteer system where each project has it's own verification process.
  2. "On by default" - This option will automatically turn on the verification of hours option for projects when you create a new project. To turn it off the project owner will need to go to that project's advanced options and manually turn it off each time. This is great for organizations that want more control over the approval and verification of hours but still want the project owners to have control over that process.
  3. "Always required" - this option will not only automatically turn on the verification of hours option for each project created but will not allow the project owner to turn it off. This is great for organizations that require every single volunteer hour served to be verified by the appropriate decision maker before the volunteer gets credit in their resume.