How do I update the expiration date after running background checks?

Background checks (manual or through an integration) have a default expiration date in the org settings. This article will navigate how to update that expiration date after performing the background check. (Standard Feature)

Background Check Expiration Date (Standard Feature)

When performing a background check manually or through Sterling or Checkr, the expiration date will default to the date specified in the Org Settings. If you need to change the background check expiration date you can do so in those Org Settings. Simply scroll down to "Default Background Check Expiration" and change it. Reminder, this will not change the expiration date for any background checks you have already performed previously.
To change the expiration date on previous background checks, follow these steps:
1. Access People in your Admin Dashboard.
2. Find a volunteer that has a green shield for their background check status and click it and a pop up window will appear summarizing their status.
3. At the bottom of that window click "Add New".
4. Then click "Add Manual Check" and follow the steps updating their expiration date. Click "Create" to finish.