What is my VOMO Profile, and how do I update my settings?

Learn how to update data like email address, phone number, and other information in your personal VOMO profile.

To find your Profile, click on your profile avatar in the top right corner of the page and then click "Settings".

There are three sections on your Settings Page, each one has content for you to add/edit to keep your Profile up to date:

  1. Profile Information
    1. Profile Picture (Avatar)
    2. First and Last Name
    3. Username
      1. You can use this to login instead of your email if you set one)
    4. Address
      1. This input uses Google Maps plugin, so make sure to select your address from the options as they populate
    5. Address 2
      1. For Apt/Ste number, etc.
    6. Birth Month and Year
    7. Gender
    8. My Causes
      1. Select at least 3 Causes that you are interested in to help us match you to Orgs and Projects)
    9. My Tags
      1. Search and Add Skills, Gifts, Talents, etc. that you have so that we can help you find content that interests you)

  1. Sign-in/Security
    1. Update Email
    2. Update Password (You will need to know your current password to reset it here. If you do not remember, use this link to reset your password, or you can read more here.)

  1. My Orgs
    1. The My Orgs section stores all the memberships that you have on VOMO. When you Join an Org or Accept an Invitation, you can will see that Org in this list. In this section you can:
      1. Update your Primary Org
      2. Leave Organizations
        1. Note that if you are an Admin or Organizer of an Organization, you cannot remove yourself. An Admin of that Org will need to remove or change your permissions.