How do I set recurring dates for a project?

If you have a volunteer opportunity that happens weekly or monthly (or even multiple times a week) you create a project with recurring dates. First, see this article about creating a project and then refer to the following instructions to set recurring dates:

  1. Visit your Administrative Dashboard by clicking on the link in your Profile dropdown, or visit
  2. When the "Dashboard" opens, use the menu on the left and select "Projects."
  3. In the middle of the page select "New Project".
  4. Fill in the necessary information in the spaces provided under the first tab called "Details".

Now to set recurring dates for your project:

  1. Next, select the "Dates" tab
  2. To set recurring dates for your project select "Add Multiple Dates"
  3. Under "Step 1: Set First Date Information" select your project's first date, type and number of volunteer roles, and the start and end times.
  4. Under "Step 2: Set the Frequency" select the frequency of the project (weekly or monthly)
  5. To the right, select the specific recurring day (or days) of the week.
  6. Finally under "Step 3: Set Date to End By" select the final date your recurring project will occur.

To finalize your recurring dates and publish your project:

  1. Select "Generate Dates" at the bottom.
  2. Make sure the correct recurring dates populate in the list and then select "Verify".
  3. Scroll back to the top of the page and click "Publish" if your project is ready to go live or "Save As Draft" if it's not ready yet.