How do I register my group to serve on a Project? (as a volunteer)

Learn how you can sign up yourself and your group for a Project.

Joining Your Group

VOMO Projects have an option that allows volunteers to register a group on a Project. If the Project you are joining allows this option, and you are the designated leader for your group, simply click “Join” next to the desired role and time slot. Then you can select the number of volunteers you are bringing by clicking the button with a "+" on it. You will notice that as you add a new person, a field will appear below to fill in their first and last name and email address.

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 9.23.27 AM-1

If you wish to bring more than 5 people you will be prompted to create a request that is sent to the Project Organizer for approval. Type in your reason for needing more guest spots, and the Organizer will be back with you shortly.


Joining With a Group Reservation

Joining a Project when your group already has a reservation set up by the organization that owns the Project will follow the same steps as above. The only exception is that your registration to the time slot will count towards your group's reservation. There's nothing different that you need to do as a volunteer. Just know that it might look a little different.

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