How do I manage volunteers on my project?

Volunteers can be managed by accessing a Project's Dashboard.

Whether you need to manage (remove/edit) the volunteers who are signed up for a project, or you need to assign people from your People page to specific projects, VOMO has you covered!

To start working with either of these features, simply visit a Project Dashboard.

  1. Login to to visit your Administrative Dashboard.
  2. Select Projects > Active from the blue menu bar on the right side of the screen.
  3. Find the project that you want to work with and click on the title.
  4. On the second row of information, you will see the words "Manage" and "Assign".

Managing Volunteers on your Project:

  1. Make sure that the project is in the filtered Date Range. To change this (meaning that you want to see a project further in the future than what is shown) change the start or end date to make sure that the serving date falls somewhere in the middle of that range.
  2. Find the Serving Date in the list that has the Volunteers that you want to manage.
  3. Expand the Serving Date by clicking the arrow to the right to see the list of volunteers and additional Time Slots and Roles within that Serving Date.
  4. Select "More Info" to see specifics about a volunteer that has joined that Serving Date. This will give you the following options:
    1. The "Status/Verify" column shows you if they are still "Pending" and need approval to serve. If they served but did not check-in you can click the gray circle with a check mark to verify their service hours as completed. 
    2. You can Remove a Volunteer from a single Serving Date by clicking the green circle with three dots to the right of the Volunteer's service hours. You can also Remove a Volunteer from ALL FUTURE Serving Dates using the same icon.

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