How do I manage my Anytime projects?

Anytime projects allow you to track volunteer hours and donated items without predetermined time slots. Learn how to manage your Anytime project and how volunteers can log hours/items on their own.

Manage the Anytime Project Dashboard

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 3.17.54 PMThe layout of an Anytime project dashboard is essentially the same as a date/time project. At the top you can edit the project, make a copy, or view the project's sign up page. The "Volunteers" section displays the list of volunteers that have signed up with the ability for you to add volunteers on their behalf if they haven't signed up themselves. You can also export project participation data to a CSV, see form responses, and send out updates as well. These tools are standard functionality for all projects. Learn more here about these features.

Logging Hours/Items

Even though Anytime projects do not have specific times and dates, volunteer hours and items can still be tracked. The project owner (or any Admin) can simply go to an Anytime project's dashboard and begin logging hours and items for a volunteer. (Volunteers can also do this on the project's page after the join the project. Learn more about the volunteer experience.) Here are the two ways hours and items can be tracked on an Anytime project:

1. Edit the 'Need'

If a volunteer is already on the list with hours or items next to their name, simply find the "Needs" column. The hours or items can be edited. Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 3.55.48 PM

2. Logging Hours and Items

If a volunteer does not have hours or items associated with their participation yet, encourage them to go log them on the project page where they originally joined. You can also log hours and items on their behalf as well. Simply click the "Add Volunteers/Items" button and follow the prompt on the modal to select the need, the person, the serving date, and the number of hours or items. Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 3.28.12 PM

You can log as many hours and items for a volunteer as the quantity of your needs allows. If you do not have a set role(s) or item(s) specified, your Anytime project will default to a generic "Volunteer" need so that you and volunteers can still log and track hours served. To track items, you will need to edit the project, click on "Needs" and add items to the list with quantities.