How do I make my Project available to all VOMO Users?

Public Projects are our way to let you broaden the potential audience for your Project.

In the Advanced Options of a Project, you can edit the Privacy Settings to choose where the Project will be available in the VOMO Network. Set it to 'Public' to make sure that it is available to be seen outside of your Org.

For example, all Orgs have a Channel on their VOMO Hub called Local Opportunities by default. That Channel pulls in Public Projects from the VOMO Network and displays them based on a user's location and the time they are looking at it. Think of this Channel as free advertising for your Public Project!

For your reference, here is our definitions for Project Privacy Settings.

    • Public - Anyone on VOMO can see the project in their Volunteer Hub or on their VOMO App. This is great if you don't mind getting people from outside of your VOMO org to join your project.
    • Private - Only members of your organization (People in your People list), can find this project on their Volunteer Hub or on their VOMO App.
    • Unlisted - Using this field makes your project unlisted from any Volunteer Hub or VOMO App, but like any project, you can share it with the direct URL that accompanies every VOMO Project. Anyone with the direct URL will be able to access Unlisted projects.