How do I import volunteer data from my old CRM database system?

Learn how to import a list of volunteers into your People list and what data can be imported.

You probably have a list of volunteers from your old database that you want to bring over to your new VOMO account. Importing large groups of volunteers can be as simple as using the "Bulk Invite" tool in your People page. Learn more about that here. Simply upload a CSV document with the names and emails of the individuals you are wanting to invite to be users. You can even add them to custom VOMO Groups as well. Download the appropriate template (Microsoft Excel and Google Docs are supported). Replace the sample info with the appropriate info for your volunteers. The following data can be imported when inviting a volunteer:

  1. Email
  2. First and Last Name
  3. Phone
  4. Background Check Date: the date they received a cleared background check status.
  5. Groups: a group(s) that you want to add the volunteer to in your People section. These Groups (and subgroups) have to already be created in your Admin Dashboard first. Read this article for more info.
  6. Volunteer Notes

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 1.17.14 PM

If you have additional volunteer data that is not listed in our prebuilt template, that will require a custom data import from our engineering team. We can do an initial assessment with you regarding how much data you want to import and the amount of time it will take to accomplish the task. This custom work is an add-on feature to your new account with additional one-time costs. To learn more about this service, reach out to your VOMO Expert or contact us at