How do I set a registration cutoff date for my Projects?

Learn how to set a deadline for Project registration. This cutoff date can be days, hours and/or minutes before the next time slot begins and will prevent volunteers from registration after the deadline passes.

Access the Project's Advanced Options

The Advanced Options for a project can be seen by clicking Show Advanced Options at the bottom of Details when you create or edit a project. After accessing the advanced options, scroll down until you see the Registration Cutoff Time setting.

Setting a Cutoff Time

After locating the Registration Cutoff Time setting, notice that the cutoff time can be days, hours and minutes before each time slot begins. Decide how much time before the time slots begin that you would want registration to be cutoff.
Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 4.15.39 PMWhatever amount you set, once the next time slot falls within that amount of time a "Closed" label will appear that will prevent new volunteers from being able to register for that time slot.

So, if you have a Project with just one time slot, once the cutoff time triggers, no one will be able to join that Project anymore because it only has that one time slot to join. If your Project has more than one time slot over multiple hours, days, weeks, or months, only the next time slot that falls within that cutoff time will not be unavailable for volunteers to join.

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 4.21.50 PM

Setting Default Registration Cutoff Times

Admins,  you can set a Default Registration Cutoff Time for all new Projects. Simply go to the Advanced Options in your Org Settings, scroll down and look for the setting. This default setting will allow only Admins to set a default cutoff time for all *new Projects. Set the days, hours and minutes just like you do in an individual Project's advanced options. If you select "No" for the "Require default registration cutoff on all Project Serving Dates?" option, Project owners will have the ability to alter the cutoff time when they create or edit their Project. If you select "Yes", Project owners will be forced to use whatever time you set in this default Org setting. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 4.30.04 PM

* If a Project already has a cutoff time set before the default cutoff time is set, the default cutoff time will not override that Project's cutoff time. Admin, you will need to go edit that Project, and then change the cutoff time to match to your default. So make sure you set your default cutoff time before you begin adding cutoff times to Projects.