How do I customize my VOMO Hub?

Your Hub Settings allows you to customize your VOMO Hub to fit your needs.

Follow these simple steps to customize your Hub:

  1. Access your Admin Dashboard.
  2. Go to the Settings > Hub Settings section.
  3. Click and drag the channels to either the Enabled Channels or Disabled Channels sections.
  4. Available Channels:
    1. Campaigns (all): All of your organization's campaigns in a channel.
    2. Projects (all): All of your organization's projects in a channel.
    3. Do It Yourself: Examples of Anytime/Anywhere ("Virtual") projects for volunteers to do on their own.
    4. Local Opportunities: All Public projects in VOMO geolocated based on your location.
    5. VOMO Categories: All projects (your and public) sorted by categories tagged by the project owner.
    6. Projects from Campaign: All projects in a campaign (one of yours or a public campaign) in a channel.
    7. List of Campaigns: Similar to "Campaigns (all)" except that you can specify which campaigns (yours or public) that you want to feature in a channel.
    8. List of Child Orgs (for multi-site accounts only): List of your child orgs in a channel for volunteers to see on your Volunteer Hub.
  5. Options for each channel:
    1. The title of each channel can be changed by selecting "Override Title". 
    2. Channels related to campaigns can add Public campaigns by checking the box that says "Include Public Campaigns When Searching".
  6. Press the Save button on the top right corner of the screen.
  7. Refresh your Hub to see the changes.

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