How do I create a Family Profile and add other adults and youth?

The Family Profile allows you and your family to measure their impact by tracking volunteer hours, item donations, and monetary gifts in one simple place.

In Organizations that have the Family Profile turned on for their users, follow the steps below to create and manage your family.
  1. Click My Family in the top right dropdown menu.
  2. Click the "Create Family" button to enter your family name.
  3. Locate the “Add Adult” and “Add Youth” buttons in the top right corner of the Family Profile to add additional family members to your family profile.
    1. For Adults, they will get an invitation to join your family and create their own login.
    2. For Youth, the login credentials and other data will be input by one of the Adults in the family. Make sure to pass on the username and password to Youth who can use this feature themselves.
  4. Begin recording your Volunteer Projects, Item Donations, and Monetary Gifts by selecting the “Add Project” and “Add Donation” buttons.
  5. Assist family members with entering their giving histories by selecting the “Add Project” and “Add Donation” buttons and choosing the “this gift is on behalf of a family member” option. (Alternately, family members can log-in with their unique log-in credentials to see their personalized dashboards.)
  6. Watch as your Personal and Family Dashboards begin to populate with colorful pie charts and fun insights about your family’s giving histories.
  7. Looking for service project hours to add to your family profile? Click on the top left Give As We Grow logo in the tracker to navigate to the Volunteer Hub for a rich library of service project ideas.
  8. Choose “My Family” from the drop-down menu to navigate back to your Family Profile and keep serving, giving, recording, and growing in philanthropy as a family!