How do I create a project with recurring dates?

This article will help you add weekly or monthly recurring dates and time slots on your project using the "multiple dates" option.

Volunteer opportunities can be a single serving day and time frame, or a recurring collection of serving days, times, and roles.

  1. Login to your VOMO account.
  2. Navigate to your organization's dashboard by clicking on your profile picture and selecting "Administration."
  3. From the menu on the left, select "Projects" and then "New Project"
  4. After filling in the necessary information on the "Details" tab, select the "Dates" tab.

To add a single serving date:

  1. Select the date and time slots for your volunteer project.
  2. To add another single serving time, press the green "Add Single Date" again and select the same date as the field above. You can now adjust the start and end times below.

To add multiple serving dates:

  1. Press the Add Multiple Dates button
  2. Select your first serving date, time, and roles
  3. Select the frequency of the serving days (Weekly / Monthly)
  4. Select the Date to End By
  5. Press the Verify button.
  6. Publish the project.