How do I cancel a time slot in a project?

Cancel a project time slot and send an update to your volunteers from the Project's Dashboard.

Cancelling a project involves two basic actions. Follow these simple steps:

  • Send an update to the volunteers
  • Cancel the time slot reservation

Step 1. Send an update

  • The first step in cancelling your project or just one time slot is to send the volunteers a customized update explaining the reason for the cancellation. This can be found on your project's dashboard. It's as simple as scrolling past the time slots and clicking "Add Update".

Learn more about updates here.

  • Messaging volunteers in your Groups is also a great way to get the word out. Group Messages go out via push notification to their VOMO App.

Learn more about creating Groups and messaging Groups.

Step 2. Cancel a time slot reservation

  1. Login at and open your Administration Dashboard.
  2. Open that project's dashboard from the menu on the left (Projects > Active or Past).
  3. Select the appropriate time slot from the list of dates in the middle of the page.
  4. A sliding window will appear with a list of volunteers who signed up for that time slot.
  5. Find the volunteer you wish to remove.
  6. Locate the trashcan icon to the far right of the row and click it.
  7. Press "Yes" on the dialog box that appears to remove the volunteer from the project.

Learn more about removing volunteers from time slots here (includes screenshots).