How do I add hours to my volunteer resume?

Learn how to add hours to your personal volunteer resume in the form of external project hours.

Access your Volunteer Resume

The Volunteer Resume displays all of your service hours and giving in one place. These hours are calculated and totaled in your resume automatically when you join and check in to a project. So the resume is easy for you to access and use for whatever purposes you need. Every now and then though you might find yourself serving as a volunteer with an organization or a project that is not through the VOMO platform and app. Here's how to find your Volunteer Resume:

  1. Login at
  2. Access your personal profile menu in the top right corner of the page by clicking on your profile picture. 
  3. Find the option titled "My Resume" and click on it. This is your personal Volunteer Resume.

Overview of your Volunteer Resume

Let's go over a quick breakdown of each section of your Volunteer Resume:

  • Profile picture and summary - This section summarizes your volunteering to give you a highlight in each of these categories:
    • Total Serving Dates
    • Total Serving Hours
    • Total Economic Impact
    • Giving
    • Total Volunteer Projects
    • Top Roles
    • Top Organization
  • Volunteer History - Here you will find a detailed list of all the projects you have joined and attended with the total approved and verified hours for each.
  • External Volunteer History - List of approved volunteer projects that either you or an Admin added to your resume. Remember, these projects were not through VOMO but are added by an approved leader in your organization. See the section below "Add Hours to your Volunteer Resume" to learn how to request hours added to this section.
  • Upcoming Volunteer Projects - List of projects you have signed up for that have not happened yet. 
  • Anytime Volunteer Projects - List of projects with the "Anytime" option enabled, meaning these projects do not have specific dates and roles associated with them. Admins and Organizers are able to add hours to these projects from the project's dashboard in their Administration portal. Learn more here.
  • Giving History - List of donations you made to specific organizations through the "Give" button on their Volunteer Hub. 
  • External Donations - List of donations you made to specific organizations outside of the VOMO platform. These donations can be either monetary or items you gave to a can good drive as an example. 

Add Hours to your Volunteer Resume

Now, let's show you how to request external volunteer hours you served to be added to your resume. You will see it's a simple process:

  1. In your resume click "Add Project" next to "External Volunteer History.
  2. Fill in the required data (serving date, hours, project title, organization name, category, and additional notes).
  3. Click "Add Project" at the bottom. 

A request will be sent to the organization's management to review your request and either approve or deny these hours to be added to your resume. You will receive a notification when they either approve or deny your request.