Can I embed my Volunteer Hub or Campaign/Project pages on my website or app?

Learn how to embed different VOMO pages to your organization's website, app, etc.

We suggest using two different methods for embedding VOMO onto your website or app: iFrames (web) and Universal Links (app).


1. iFrames are a great way to embed your VOMO page onto your website. Most organizations use an Iframe to embed their Volunteer Hub onto their website. iFrames are very easy to create and use, and we recommend this website for simply building the HTML of your iFrame (

Simply take your Volunteer Hub (or Campaign/Project) link (ex. and add it into the iFrame generator. Choose a couple of settings and generate your custom HTML to add into your organization's website builder.


2. Universal Links are the best way to embed a link to your VOMO account through iOS and Android apps. If your organization has it's own app, simply add your VOMO accounts Universal Link to a button or link on your app and users will be directed to your Volunteer Hub on the VOMO app that is installed on their device. If they have not downloaded the VOMO app yet, the appropriate app store for their device will open so that they can download it and login to VOMO.

Simply take your Universal Link (it will follow this method: and add it into your app as a link or button so that people are directed to the Universal Link to get taken to the VOMO app.


If you need help, please contact your VOMO Concierge at We can help you generate your iFrame or give you your specific Universal Link so that you can get moving!