What are the differences between My Campaigns and VOMO Causes?

Learn more about how you can access Causes to expand your reach for volunteers

When you create a new Project in VOMO, you have the option to add your Project to your custom Campaigns and 28 potential VOMO Causes. Both of these fields are optional, but they have great uses for you to make sure your Projects get the most exposure.


You can create as many Campaigns as you want to host projects around your specific ministries, causes, initiatives, or special events. Think of Campaigns like an umbrella to hold your many Projects under so that people can explore your Campaigns to find the right projects for them.


We created 28 Causes in VOMO so that you can add (tag) your Projects to so that people can easily search and find them across the VOMO Network. The Causes are broad enough to handle every kind of volunteer opportunity, but if you want to make a custom category to add your projects to, we recommend making a Campaign (see above) to be able to add your project to for your Volunteers to explore on your Hub.

The good thing about Causes, is that they are shared amongst all VOMO users so that men and women from different orgs can easily find projects from other orgs on VOMO and join them. This will help expand your potential Volunteer pool to people outside of your immediate VOMO org.

So give it a try! The best practice is to tag your projects to as many Campaigns and Causes as you can so that they are easy to access for all VOMO users.