What does it mean to have a Member in my Admin People List with the name 'Deleted User'?

Users who request to have their VOMO Account deleted will still have participation data stored with your org.

In compliance with the VOMO Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, sometimes a VOMO User requests to have their VOMO Account deleted, but has volunteer history and participation data with that Account in your VOMO Organization. In order to preserve this volunteer data, and honor the request of the User to have their personal data deleted from our system, we remove all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from the VOMO Account by changing the following:

  • The User's Name is updated to "Deleted User".
  • The User's Email address is changed to "vomodeleteduserXXXX@vomo.org".
  • Birthday is changed to "01-01-1900".
  • Address is deleted.
  • Phone is changed to "555-555-5555".

If you have a Member in your Admin People Page List with the above details, this is the reason why. Feel free to reach out to your Dedicated Partner Success Director if you have any questions.