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Data Protection/Security, Disaster/Recovery Protocols, and Payment Data Security on VOMO

Learn how VOMO protects user data, secures it, and ensures stability catastrophic events

We take data very seriously as a tech platform, and want to assure you that we go in detail to make everything safe and fun for all of our Partners and Users.

Here are links to the VOMO terms of service, privacy policy, and SLA. All of these resources have information about what kind of data we have and if we do anything with that info. To put it simply, we don't share information with any third parties, and we do not have ads on our platform.

  1. Data Protection
    1. We host all of our services in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, which is an industry standard hosting company that works with thousands of companies and offers a great service - meaning very little down time, as well as great security controls, processes, etc. Some of the biggest names in technology use AWS for their data storage and server power. We trust their service and protocols.
    2. The VOMO Platform has all up to date AWS security audits, SSL certificates, etc. to ensure that industry standard practices to secure, encrypt, and protect the databases that live in the AWS cloud.
  1.  Disaster and Recovery Protocols
    1. VOMO maintains a high availability hosting environment with Amazon AWS. We utilize a number of AWS services to ensure scalability and redundancy. In the event of a catastrophic event that takes down AWS services, our source code and select backups are stored in a tertiary location/service.
    2. VOMO maintains several instances of the platform service in the AWS cloud and locally on Developer machines to ensure that the platform codebase and data are backed up regularly.
    3. How do we access our data in the event of contract termination?
      1. We can provide a dump of all of the data in CSV format if any partner terminates their agreement.
  2. If I pay with my Credit Card, is my card information protected?
    1. VOMO partner with a service called Stripe for all online payment processing. Stripe is one of the industry leaders in credit card processing, and they power thousands of payments every day. They are highly trusted in our industry for security, and take strong measures to make sure that the data they store on our behalf is secure.
    2. VOMO never stores Credit Card information in our own databases. Everything is always stored directly within the Stripe environment.
  3. Is the data used in Background Checks protected?
    1. VOMO partners with Checkr for all background checks initiated through the Admin Dashboard. This means that all data collected from Checkr to complete the background check (SSN, DL, DOB, Address, etc.) are directly run on Checkr's servers and stored in Checkr's databases. VOMO never sees, stores, or attempts to collect this sensitive data in the process. When Checkr completes the background check, the only thing that they pass back to VOMO is the status of the background check and a link to view the background check on your secure Checkr Dashboard.
    2. Any manual background checks that are added into VOMO are comprised only of the following data fields: Background Check Completion Date, Background Check Expiration Date, Status of Background Check, and additional notes about the check that is on file in another system.