CCB Integration Data Documentation (Field Mapping)

Definitions of what data fields are synced to CCB via the integration, including what fields you can map.

User Data

When you enable syncing of data back to CCB from VOMO (by clicking Enable Custom Syncing on the Export Data/Syncing tab), there are default values (values that you have not specially mapped with the mapping tool) that are exported back to CCB are as follows, as well as options to map and send additional user data:

The VOMO Mapping Tool supports the VOMO Volunteer, Custom Value, Project, and Project Date Objects and the CCB Individual Object.

  • Default Volunteer/User Data that is synced from VOMO to CCB:
    • VOMO Volunteer First Name = CCB Individual First Name
    • VOMO Volunteer Last Name = CCB Individual Last Name
    • VOMO Volunteer Email Address =CCB Individual Email Address (this is the unique identifier for a VOMO user)
  • Options in the Mapping Tool include:
    • VOMO Volunteer ID
    • VOMO Volunteer Gender
    • VOMO Volunteer Birthday (Month/Year of Birth)
    • VOMO Volunteer Number of Projects Completed
    • VOMO Volunteer Number of Hours Completed
    • VOMO Custom Value
      • Hint: The Custom Value Object lets you create a custom text record to send over via the integration. Most users of this integration send over something like 'from VOMO' as a text field and map it to a custom field  in CCB so that they can easily filter all users who came through VOMO on the CCB side.
    • There are also many data points for the VOMO Project and Project Date Objects that can be mapped to CCB Individual Object data points.

Note that you can change the default value syncing using the mapping tool to send the VOMO value to a different contact field in CCB.