Can volunteers join my projects if they did not receive a user invite from us?

Every project on VOMO can be accessed directly by its unique URL. If you wish to share projects with people outside of your organization's VOMO account (or ones that have not accepted your invitation to join VOMO), you can send them the project's URL. To join the project, they simply have to log in or create their account first.

Privacy Settings (in the Advanced Options on Project Creation Page) for each project:

  • All projects that have a "Public" status allow for any volunteers across the VOMO platform to find and join.
  • If you only want a project to be for the Volunteers invited to your account, you can change the status to "Private".
  • If you want your project to only be for a specific group that you want to exclude from Volunteer on your Volunteer Hub, then change the status to "Unlisted". Unlisted projects are accessible by direct url link only.