Can I join multiple organizations as an Admin or Organizer?

Manage multiple Admin Dashboards with the same VOMO account

If you are already an organizer for your church's account for example and then your company sets up an account an invites you as well, you have the ability to be a member for both. Let's talk about how that works.

For example, as a user for your church you used an email to setup that account. When your company or another organization sends you an invite to be a member, organizer, or admin for them as well, make sure you use that same email when you accept that second invite. Unless you want to have two completely separate logins for VOMO (one for your church and one for your company) you will want to use just one so that you can keep.

Assuming you already have your account setup as a user for your church for example, follow these steps to be a user for your company as well:

  1. Open the VOMO email invite from your second organization.
  2. Click "Accept Invite" at the bottom of that email and a page on will automatically open in your web browser (we recommend Google Chrome or Safari or Firefox as your default browser for exploring VOMO).
  3. You will be prompted to either "login" or "Create account." Log in with your email and password from your original VOMO login (the one you used to create your original account)
  4. You will be taken directly to your personalized VOMO hub

As an Organizer or Admin you will now be able to access the dashboard for both organizations. For more information about switching between the two dashboards see, "How do I switch between dashboards if I am an organizer or admin for multiple organizations?"

As a Volunteer, you will now:

  • be a member of both organizations
  • be able to join private projects for both
  • be able to be invited to join unlisted projects for both.