How do I find a project that fits my schedule or requirements?

Advanced filtering tools exist on all VOMO Campaigns and Explore Pages

As you navigate around your Volunteer Hub, you will notice that we put some great filtering tools to help you find the right projects to jump in on! See below for some screenshots of where to look to help you find the right project for yourself, your children, or the whole family.

  • Date Filtering. On this far left of the filtering bar of the Campaign/Explore Page, you will see a dropdown list where you can select ALL, a particular month, or even a Custom Date Range. Simply choose the month or range that you want, and you will see all Projects that have Serving Dates in that range.

  • Age Filtering. On the next list over, you will see a dropdown where you can see which age restrictions are on available projects. Choose between 12 and Under (Kid Friendly), 13-17 (Teenage), and 18 and Over (Adults) to find an appropriate project.

  • Hide Full. Sometimes all serving dates on a project fill up. To make sure to filter out full projects, don't forget to click the Hide Full checkbox.

  • Page Sorting. The default sorting for Campaign and Explore Pages is Date Ascending, but you have a couple of other options. Choose Date Ascending, Date Descending, Project Name (A-Z), and Project Name (Z-A).

Our great sorting and filtering tools will really help you find the right project quickly and easily, but do not hesitate to reach out to a VOMO Concierge if you have questions, or email